Water facts

Harpley’s unique series of wetlands and interconnected lakes are part of an important water system.

A wide variety of plants and animals live in this ecosystem, while native and migratory birds are a treat for birdwatchers!

Find out more about how these water systems work and why it is so important to keep them healthy on the Harpley Discovery Trail App and nature trails.

Did you know?


of the Earth’s surface
is covered with water.

Of that figure,
just 1% is fresh water.


Sea birds such as
albatrosses and gulls can
drink salt water.

They excrete excess salt through a unique set of glands.


Far more fresh
water is stored in
underground aquifers
than is on the
planet’s surface.


Each Australian uses
approximately 340,000 litres
of water every year.

This amounts to approximately eight residential swimming pools for each person.


Many countries use more water per year than natural water cycles can replace.

This places a strain on waterways such as rivers
and lakes.


Around 2,700 litres of
water are required to make
a single cotton t-shirt


about 25 full baths!